MRM Summit Webinar Series

The MRM Summit Webinar Series provides monthly education and collaboration to MRM graduate.

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The MRM Summit webinar series delivers monthly education and collaboration to MRM Graduates. 

Each month we're offering new education presentations or an interactive Q&A Panel discussion.

The educational presentations are delivered by MRM graduates and thought leaders from Marshall Institute. Each presentation consists of a 45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.


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MRM Summit Webinar Series

1) The widening skills gap in America: Who will keep our automation running?

Greg Folts, President, Marshall Institute
Dec. 2, 2020: 11am – 12pm EST 



2) Using metrics to drive maintenance process improvements

Mark Robertson, Senior Reliability Specialist – Land O’ Lakes
Jan. 13, 2021: 11am – 12pm EST



3) Practical tips for leaders to create followship in the shop

Angela Wall, Senior Engineering and Maintenance Manager, ButterBall
Feb. 10, 2021: 11am – 12pm EST 



4) Develop a winning PdM partnership

Chuck Gaskins, Senior Maintenance Manager, Plymouth Tube Corporation
March 10, 2021: 11am – 12pm EST



5) Inventory optimization in medical manufacturing

Chad Sandquist, Reliability Engineer Tech in Medical Manufacturing
April 7, 2021: 11am – 12pm EST



6) The many layers of optimizing PM’s

Steve Gowan, Director of Manufacturing Services, Marshall Institute
May 5, 2021: 11am – 12pm EST



We hope that you can join us for these valuable sessions!


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